First, take human as central value. The human is a basis when the enterprise develops, so we prominent emphasize the human's concern, the respect, the trust in the enterprise's management, as well as stimulates staffs' sense of responsibility and the sense of mission. Emphasized group consciousness is the enterprise and a stuff's body spirit.

Second, the opnness of the management system. Establishes an open-type management system, which corrects the hardened administrative coordination meaure by using the tacit understanding cooperation among the people. As a result, the innvation behavior replaces the complex and prolix analysis. In the concept of emphasizing the management system open, enhance the enterprise efficiency by internal competition supplementing internal administration coordination.

Third, mphasizes the customer supremely, and set up enterprise image. Take the customer as the center. Enable the customer to obtain greatest satisfaction hy highly effective, and high quality service so that enterprise's good image set up.